Resorbable collagen for wound management


[su_dropcap style=”flat”]c[/su_dropcap]collafleece® is a wet-stable, porcine collagen sponge with highly efficient hemostatic properties. Its natural porous collagen structure supports the hemostasis and controls the natural healing of the wound. Owing to its spongy collagen structure, the collafleece® resorbs within ~2-4 weeks.


Fast hemostasis and stabilization of the blood clot

The efficacy of collafleece® is based on the well-known characteristics of collagen. The process of blood clotting comprises a complex series of reactions induced by the adhesion of platelets to the collagen fibers, which results in the formation of a thrombus by platelet aggregation. The secretion of coagulation factors is thereby triggered, which initiate further reactions as the formation of a fibrin clot [1,2,3]. The fast clotting reaction through collafleece® is particularly helpful when treating hemostatic compromised patients [4].


collafleece® is a hemostatic collagen sponge indicated to support wound healing and control bleedings.

Implantology, Periodontology and Oral and CMF Surgery

  • Protection and hemostatic treatment of minor oral wounds
  • Portection of the Schneiderian membrane
  • Covering of biopsy or transplant harvesting sites
  • Protection and hemostatic treatment after tooth extraction


  • Highly efficient hemostatic collagen
  • Fast resorption by enzymatic degradation (2-4 weeks)
  • Easy application
  • Maintains integrity in presence of blood and during application
  • Wound protection/wound healing


Immediate implantation with cerabone® and collagen fleece

Dr. Damir Jelusic
Private Clinic, Opatija, Croatia

2-stage sinus lift with cerabone® and Jason® membrane & collagen fleece

Dr. Damir Jelusic
Private Clinic, Opatija, Croatia


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High safety

collafleece® is produced in a certified process from the porcine dermis. The unique manufacturing process provides a safe and cell-free product that is regulated according to the EC guidelines. Its natural hemostatic effect and the fast resorption making collafleece® an excellent medical device to control bleedings in oral wounds.

Natural hemostatic function of collagen

collacone_-hemostatic_functionDamage to the blood vessel wall leads to subendothelial collagen release. The collagen directly or indirectly interacts with the surface receptors on thrombocytes. The binding of collagen initiates a reaction cascade leading to transformation and aggregation of the thrombocytes. Additionally, the thrombocytes are cross-linked by fibrinogen. The resulting (white) thrombus initially stabilizes the wound [2]. Accordingly, collagen membranes and sponges support the formation of a blood coagulum and contribute to a rapid stabilization of the wound area. Due to their hemostatic effect, collagen sponges and cones can be used for stabilization of biopsy harvesting sites or covering of minor oral wounds and extraction sockets, respectively.

Prevention of bleeding hemostatic compromised patients

Medication with anticoagulant drugs (i.e. heparin or warfarin) poses a risk for patients of bleeding following tooth extraction. Local hemostatic agents like collagen fleeces can prevent postoperative bleeding without the need to pause the anticoagulant therapy [5]. A retrospective study with 200 anticoagulated patients showed a very low rate of bleedings following application of collagen sponges with a similar composition (collacone®) [4].

Easy application/handling

A dry application collafleece® is recommended because pre-hydration may impair its hemostatic properties. At the defect site, the fleece soaks up blood very quickly but maintains its integrity. A direct fixation by sutures/pins is not possible, but also not necessary. Indirect fixation, on the other hand, by cross- or holding sutures could help keeping the fleece in place e.g. in extraction sockets or at soft tissue harvesting sites.

Cost-effective protection

collafleece® is a cost-effective alternative to barrier membranes during sinus floor elevations for the protection of the Schneiderian membrane. It can also be used to protect barrier membranes from fast bacterial resorption when an exposure is expected.

Product Specifications

20 x 20 12 pieces

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