botiss dental - cortico trimmer

cortico trimmer

for the adaptation of cortical
bone plates with the shell technique

For bone augmentation with the shell technique the precise adaptation of the bone plates is inevitable. The cortico trimmer is an assistance for trimming and drilling allogenic or autologous bone plates.


  • functional design with scales on two sides
  • high quality surgical titanium
  • safe and precise alignment


Art.-No. 34000 1 x cortico trimmer


For the adaption the bone plate is placed in the clamping device and cut to desired length. The plates can be trimmed horizontally and vertically.
The risk of injury using the diamond disc is reduced.

botiss dental - trimmer_2
botiss dental - trimmer_3

In order to drill the holes for the fixing screws the plate is
positioned on the slotted holes.

botiss dental - trimmer_4



maxgraft® cortico

Processed allogenic bone plate