maxgraft® bonebuilder

Patient-customized allogenic bone block

mThe individually designed allogenic bone block enables complex horizontal and vertical augmentation by using the latest 3D-CAD/CAM technology. The perfect three-dimensional precision fit significantly reduces valuable surgery time, making autologous bone harvesting and manual adjustment unnecessary, thus diminishing the donor-site morbidity. Patient’s comfort and satisfaction is considerably increased by the clear reduction of pain, improved wound healing and the good aesthetical result.

Achieve a safe, reliable and predictable clinical outcome


Due to the stable trabecular structure of the cancellous bone, maxgraft® bonebuilder provides an ideal matrix for predictable and highly effective revascularization, rapid formation of new bone tissue and complete bone remodeling. Simultaneously the excellent biological regeneration capability of maxgraft® is supported by exceptionally good flexibility on the basis of natural collagen content, which will facilitate screw fixation. The processing sequence meets highest quality standards with regard to biomechanical properties and safety, prohibiting infect transmission or antigenic effects. It is storable at room temperature for 5 years. However, it should be used as soon as possible after delivery to provide a precise fit, enabling rapid revascularization and fast graft incorporation.



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Ridge augmentation with maxgraft® bonebuilder

Dr. M. Jacotti,
Brescia, Italia

Augmentation in the maxilla with maxgraft® bonebuilder

Dr. Dr. O. Blume
Munich, Germany

Augmentation in the mandible with maxgraft® bonebuilder

PD Dr. Dr. F. Kloss
Lienz, Austria


  • Processed human allograft from selected living donors, undergoing a hip replacement (Production: C+TBA, Krems, Austria)
  • Natural mineralized collagen
  • 65-80% porosity, pore size 100-1800 µm (mean 600-900 µm)
  • Maximum size: 23 x 13 x 13 mm
  • Fast graft incorporation and complete remodelling potential
  • No antigenicity
  • No donor site morbidity
  • 5-6 months healing-/integration time
  • 5 years shelf life at room temperature
  • Safe and sterile

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Implantology, Oral and CMF Surgery

– Horizontal and vertical augmentation

– Extensive bone defects

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Production process
  • Removal of soft tissue, fat and cartilage; grinding/cutting into final shape
  • Defatting by ultrasonication
  • Complex chemical treatment different steps of diethylether and ethanol
  • Oxidative treatment with hydrogen peroxide
  • Lyophilization
  • Sterilization method: Gamma-sterilization
Ordering Process
  • CT/DVT scan by responsible surgeon/radiologist
  • Transfer of DICOM-data to botiss biomaterials (
  • Planning of the individual maxgraft® bonebuilder by botiss product specialists located in Berlin and final confirmation by responsible surgeon
  • Transfer of the milling file to tissue bank (C+TBA, Austria)
  • Milling of the block from cancellous bone blanks
  • The process takes 4-6 weeks

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maxgraft® bonebuilder should be rehydrated briefly before fixation by creating a vacuum in a disposable syringe filled with sterile saline solution. If possible, mix the saline solution with the exudate serum obtained from preparing autologous platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) matrices. maxgraft® bonebuilder consists of a mineralized collagen matrix with a residual moisture content of <5%, rehydration may be useful especially for blocks of bigger and complex dimensions to enhance the adaptability of the material to the specific defect site.



Combination with other biomaterials

Additional void volume should be filled with particulate grafting material (maxgraft® or cerabone®) to improve the aesthetic outcome and to protect the soft tissue.

For guided bone regeneration, the augmented site needs to be covered entirely with a barrier membrane, preventing the ingrowth of soft tissue into the bone block (e.g. Jason® membrane).



Guided Bone Regeneration
  • maxgraft® bonebuilder should be covered by a resorbable barrier forming collagen membrane (e.g. Jason® membrane) for GBR
  • This prevents resorption and ingrowth of soft tissue into the bone graft



  • Depending on the defect size, the graft will be stably incorporated within 5-6 months
  • Product will be degraded when not loaded after healing period
  • Due to the thorough tissue donor testing and the validated processing of maxgraft®, complications that are directly caused by the material itself are highly unlikely
  • Non-collagenic proteins are removed or denatured
  • Most problems appear as a result from allergic reactions against antibiotics or caused by contact of the maxgraft® with saliva prior to implantation
  • Complaints of our customers will be registered
  • Reference samples of maxgraft® products are stored for 1 years to enable proper investigation in case of an incident


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Product Specifications

Art.-No. Content
PMIa Individual planning and production of a bone transplant max. dimensions 23 x 13 x 13 mm
PMIa 2 maxgraft® bonebuilder, additional block(s) for this patient
32100 Individual 3D-printed model of the patient’s defect and the planned maxgraft® bonebuilder for demonstration purposes made of plastic


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