maxgraft® bonering

Simultaneous bone augmentation and implant placement

mThe maxgraft® bonering is a prefabricated cancellous ring from human donor bone. The ring allows immediate implant placement and bone augmentation in one step. Therefore the ring technique requires no second surgical procedure. It shortens treatment time till full restoration about several months and therefore increases patient acceptance.

Fast reconstruction of bone without morbidity through second surgical procedure

Due to a multiple step purification process maxgraft® is safe and preserves the advantages of human bone grafts. The human collagen in the ring is responsible for fast integration, healing and flexibility of the ring. A second surgical site to harvest bone and the associated risk of infection, donor-site morbidity and pain can be avoided. After implantation maxgraft® bonering is continuously remodeled into patients own bone. The ring can be used in almost all indications. botiss offers a surgical kit to provide all necessary instruments to apply maxgraft® bonering.


Advanced vertical augmentation in posterior maxilla with maxgraft® bonering

Dr. Anke Isser, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Bone augmentation in the aesthetic zone with the bone ring technique

Dr. Ross Cutts, Cirencester, U.K.

Multiple ring application: sinus floor elevation & vertical ridge augmentation.

 Dr. Bernd Giesenhagen & Dr. Orcan Yüksel, Frankfurt a. M., Germany


  • One step procedure – simultaneous bone augmentation and implant placement
  • Reduced treatment time by several months
  • High patient acceptance
  • Bone augmentation without autograft harvesting
  • Reduced surgical time
  • Innovative treatment concept
  • Osteoconductive properties supporting natural and controlled tissue remodeling
  • Natural mineralized collagen
  • No rehydration
  • No donor site morbidity
  • No antigenicity
  • 5 years shelf life at room temperature
  • Safe and sterile


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Implantology, Oral and CMF Surgery

  • Vertical augmentation (3D defects with low-grade horizontal augmentation)
  • Single tooth gap
  • Edentulous space
  • Sinus floor elevation (4 mm – 1 mm residual bone height)


  • Too narrow parallel walled crest
  • Less than 1 mm height in the sinus


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One step augmentation and implant placement

The immediate implant placement through maxgraft® bonering ensures primary stability of the implant and the ring. The technique reduces treatment time and avoids the reentry to place an implant. This reduces morbidity and increases patient acceptance.


Safe and sterile

The certified production process at the Cells+ Tissuebank Austria (C+TBA) ensures highest safety standards. The process involves donor selection, serological testing and a wetchemical purification process to eliminate bacteria, virus, proteins and fungi. The final sterilization by gamma-irradiation guarantees a sterility of the packaging and a 5-year self-life at room temperature.

Mineralized collagen

The purification process maintains the structural features and the interconnected macroporosity of human bone. Furthermore it retains its collagen matrix. maxgraft® is composed of approx. 70 % mineral and approx. 30 % of human collagen. The lyophilisation maintains the natural structure of the tissue and a residual moisture level of 5 %. Therefore maxgraft® bonering doesn’t  need to be rehydrated.


SEM pictures of maxgraft® at a 100-fold and 5000-fold magnification, showing the macroporous structure and surface of the mineralized collagen matrix

Scaffold for ingrowing cells and vessels

The porous structure of maxgraft® bonering allows optimal graft revascularization and ensures the supply with vital cells. The properties of maxgraft® bonering encourage the migration of cells into the surgical site. Therefore a fast bony integration of maxgraft® bonering and the implant is facilitated.

No rehydration needed

The cancellous bone structure and the porosity of the maxgraft® bonering allows fast absorption of blood and the fast suppy of the surgical site with vital cells. The lyophilisation maintains a residual moisture level of 5%. Therefore a rehydration is not necessary.

Product Specifications

maxgraft® bonering 3.3

Recommended for implant diameters from 3.3 – 3.5 mm

Art.No. Dimension Content
33160 cancellous ring, ø 6 mm, height 10 mm  1 x
33170 cancellous ring, ø 7 mm, height 10 mm  1 x


maxgraft® bonering 4.1

Recommended for implant diameters from 4.1 – 4.5 mm

Art.No. Dimension Content
33174 cancellous ring, ø 7 mm, height 10 mm 1 x

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