maxgraft® cortico

Bone augmentation with the shell technique


[su_dropcap style=”grey”]m[/su_dropcap]maxgraft® cortico is a prefabricated cortical bone strut from human donor bone. The concept of the shell technique is the preparation of a biological container which creates the necessary space for the full incorporation of the particulated bone graft material. maxgraft® cortico can be used as a substitute for autologous bone and therefore eliminates a second surgical site to harvest bone.


Reconstruction of bone without morbidity through second surgical procedure

Usually a micro saw is used to harvest a bone block that is later split into two to three thin bone struts. These bone struts can further be reduced in thickness with a safescraper or a bone mill. The complete harvesting process is time consuming and often it is more painful for the patient than the augmentation itself and also a possible source of complications. maxgraft®cortico was developed to circumvent donor site morbidity and to prevent the time-consuming harvesting and splitting of autologous bone blocks.


Implantology, Oral and CMF Surgery

  • Vertical augmentation
  • Horizontal augmentation
  • Complex three-dimensional augmentations
  • Single tooth gaps
  • Fenestration defects


  • Bone augmentation without autograft harvesting
  • Osteoconductive properties supporting natural and controlled tissue remodeling
  • Reduced surgical time
  • Established technique
  • 5-6 months healing-/integration time
  • No donor site morbidity
  • No antigenicity
  • 5 years shelf life at room temperature
  • Safe and sterile

Dr. Robert Würdinger

Treatment of a combined horizontal and vertical bone defect in the maxilla with maxgraft® cortico in the allogenic shell technique

MSc. Eleni Kapogianni

Horizontal ridge augmentation with maxgraft® cortico

Jan Kielhorn

maxgraft® cortico at free-end situation in the mandible

Dr. Robert Würdinger

Three-dimensional augmentation with maxgraft® cortico

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Interview: Dr. Peer Kämmerer about maxgraft® cortico


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Product information – handling of maxgraft® cortico


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Shell technique with maxgraft® cortico


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Container for bone regeneration

The shell technique creates space between local bone and the cortical plate. This space can be filled with a variety of different particulated bone grafting materials. E.g. maxgraft® granules with its human collagen that provide excellent osteoconductivity properties and enable complete remodeling. The additional use of autologous chips and/or particulated PRF matrizes can support the ossification. This container facilitates revascularization and migration of bone-forming cells into the defect and fast bone regeneration.


Guided bone regeneration

maxgraft® cortico should be covered by a resorbable barrier forming collagen membrane (e.g. Jason® membrane) for GBR. This prevents the ingrowth of soft tissue into the bone graft. Furthermore tension free and saliva proof sutures are crucial for the success of the augmentation.


Stable cortical strut

maxgraft® cortico is a rigid and stable strut for the shell technique. It should be fixed onto residual bone with osteosynthesis screws that have a flat screw head. Ideally 2 screws should be applied to prevent rotation.

Safe and sterile

The certified production process at the Cells+ Tissuebank Austria (C+TBA) ensures highest safety standards. The process involves donor selection, serological testing and a wetchemical purification process to eliminate bacteria, virus, proteins and fungus. The final sterilization by gamma-irradiation guarantees a sterility of the packaging and a 5-year self-life at room temperature


Rehydration of maxgraft® cortico is recommended. It has been shown that rehydration of maxgraft® cortico (10 minutes in saline solution) results in more flexibility and improves the breaking strength of the strut (Pabst et al., 2020).

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Product Specifications

maxgraft® cortico
Art.-No. Particle Size
31251 25 x 10 x 1 mm 1 x
31253 25 x 10 x 1 mm 3 x 1


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