safe, reliable and predictable clinical outcome


m maxgraft® is a sterile and safe allograft product from human donor bone, processed by the Cells+Tissuebank Austria. Due to a multiple step purification process maxgraft® is safe and preserves the advantages of human bone grafts. The human collagen is responsible for fast integration, healing and flexibility of the graft. The excellent biological regeneration capability of maxgraft® results in a predictable clinical outcome.


Fast reconstruction of bone without morbidity through second surgical procedure


maxgraft® is a natural human bone matrix that serves as a scaffold for natural bone regeneration. For block augmentation maxgraft® blocks are the only real alternative to harvest patients’ bone. A second surgical site to harvest autologous bone and the associated risk of infection, donor-site morbidity, postoperative pain, and loss of bone stability can be avoided.


Ridge preservation with maxgraft®, mucoderm® & Jason® membrane

Dr. Fernando Rojas-Vicaya,
Castellón, Spain

Block augmentation with maxgraft® in the mandible

PD Dr. Dr. Frank Kloss,
Lienz, Austria

Reconstruction of vestibular bone defect with maxgraft®, cerabone® and mucoderm®

Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski,
Gdansk, Poland


Granules and blocks

  • Preserved biomechanical properties
  • Osteoconductive properties supporting natural and controlled tissue remodeling
  • Natural mineralized collagen
  • Bone augmentation without autograft harvesting
  • No donor site morbidity
  • No rehydration
  • No antigenicity
  • 5 years shelf life at room temperature
  • Safe and sterile


Bogotá, 14-15 Dec. 2017

Live: Webinar, 23. Jan. 2018

Sebastian T. Vogel: Aufklärungspflichten bei der Verwendung von Allografts in der Zahnheilkunde

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Implantology, Periodontology and Oral and CMF Surgery


  • Localized augmentation of the ridge for future implant placement
  • Reconstruction of the ridge for prosthetic therapy
  • Osseous defects
  • Socket Preservation
  • Sinus lift
  • Intrabony periodontal defects


  • A predictable and highly effective alternative to traditional block grafting
  • Ridge augmentation


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balance between open space and stability

maxgraft® is available as purely cancellous as well as cortico-cancellous granules and blocks. Whenever contained defects are supposed to be regenerated, the cancellous structure enables a fast bone formation and substitution by vital bone, whereas cortico-cancellous products provide more volume stability for example with augmentations outside of the contour.

safe and sterile

The certified production process at the Cells+ Tissuebank Austria (C+TBA) ensures highest safety standards. The process involves donor selection, serological testing and a wet chemical purification process to eliminate bacteria, viruses, proteins and fungus. The final sterilization by gamma-irradiation guarantees a sterility of the packaging and 5 years shelf-life at room temperature.

mineralized collagen

The purification process keeps the structural features and the interconnected macroporosity of human bone. Furthermore, it retains its collagen matrix. maxgraft® consists of 70% mineral and 30% organic phase.

scaffold for ingrowing cells and vessels

The porous structure of maxgraft allows optimal graft revascularization and ensures the supply with vital cells. The properties of maxgraft® encourage the migration of cells such as osteoblast and osteocytes into the surgical site. Therefore, a fast bony integration of maxgraft® is facilitated.

no rehydration needed

The cancellous bone structure and the porosity of maxgraft® allow fast absorption of blood and a fast supply of the surgical site with vital cells. The lyophilisation maintains a residual moisture level of 5%. Therefore a rehydration is not necessary.

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Product Specifications

maxgraft® cancellous granules
Art.-No.Particle Size
30005< 2.0 mm1 × 0.5 ml
30010< 2.0 mm1 × 1.0 ml
30020< 2.0 mm1 × 2.0 ml
30040< 2.0 mm1 × 4.0 ml
maxgraft® cortico-cancellous granules
Art.-No.Particle Size Content
31005< 2.0 mm1 × 0.5 ml
31010< 2.0 mm1 × 1.0 ml
31020< 2.0 mm1 × 2.0 ml
31040< 2.0 mm1 × 4.0 ml
maxgraft® blocks
3111110 x 10 x 10 mm, uni-cortical1 × block
3111220 x 10 x 10 mm, uni-cortical1 × block
3211110 x 10 x 10 mm, cancellous1 × block
3211220 x 10 x 10 mm, cancellous1 × block