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safe, reliable and predictable clinical outcome


m maxgraft® is a sterile and safe allograft product from human donor bone, processed by the Cells+Tissuebank Austria. Due to a multiple step purification process maxgraft® is safe and preserves the advantages of human bone grafts. The human collagen is responsible for fast integration, healing and flexibility of the graft. The excellent biological regeneration capability of maxgraft® results in a predictable clinical outcome.


Fast reconstruction of bone without morbidity through second surgical procedure


maxgraft® is a natural human bone matrix that serves as a scaffold for natural bone regeneration. For block augmentation maxgraft® blocks are the only real alternative to harvest patients’ bone. A second surgical site to harvest autologous bone and the associated risk of infection, donor-site morbidity, postoperative pain, and loss of bone stability can be avoided.


Implantology, Periodontology and Oral and CMF Surgery


  • Localized augmentation of the ridge for future implant placement
  • Reconstruction of the ridge for prosthetic therapy
  • Osseous defects
  • Socket Preservation
  • Sinus lift
  • Intrabony periodontal defects


  • A predictable and highly effective alternative to traditional block grafting
  • Ridge augmentation


Granules and blocks

  • Preserved biomechanical properties
  • Osteoconductive properties supporting natural and controlled tissue remodeling
  • Natural mineralized collagen
  • Bone augmentation without autograft harvesting
  • No donor site morbidity
  • No rehydration
  • No antigenicity
  • 5 years shelf life at room temperature
  • Safe and sterile


Ridge preservation with maxgraft®, mucoderm® & Jason® membrane

Dr. Fernando Rojas-Vicaya,
Castellón, Spain

Block augmentation with maxgraft® in the mandible

PD Dr. Dr. Frank Kloss,
Lienz, Austria

Reconstruction of vestibular bone defect with maxgraft®, cerabone® and mucoderm®

Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski,
Gdansk, Poland



balance between open space and stability

maxgraft® is available as purely cancellous as well as cortico-cancellous granules and blocks. Whenever contained defects are supposed to be regenerated, the cancellous structure enables a fast bone formation and substitution by vital bone, whereas cortico-cancellous products provide more volume stability for example with augmentations outside of the contour.




safe and sterile

The certified production process at the Cells+ Tissuebank Austria (C+TBA) ensures highest safety standards. The process involves donor selection, serological testing and a wet chemical purification process to eliminate bacteria, viruses, proteins and fungus. The final sterilization by gamma-irradiation guarantees a sterility of the packaging and 5 years shelf-life at room temperature.





mineralized collagen

The purification process keeps the structural features and the interconnected macroporosity of human bone. Furthermore, it retains its collagen matrix. maxgraft® consists of 70% mineral and 30% organic phase.


SEM pictures of maxgraft® at a 100-fold and 5000-fold magnification, showing the macroporous structure and
surface of the mineralized collagen matrix

scaffold for ingrowing cells and vessels

The porous structure of maxgraft allows optimal graft revascularization and ensures the supply with vital cells. The properties of maxgraft® encourage the migration of cells such as osteoblast and osteocytes into the surgical site. Therefore, a fast bony integration of maxgraft® is facilitated.

no rehydration needed

The cancellous bone structure and the porosity of maxgraft® allow fast absorption of blood and a fast supply of the surgical site with vital cells. The lyophilisation maintains a residual moisture level of 5%. Therefore a rehydration is not necessary.

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Product Specifications

maxgraft® cancellous granules
Art.-No. Particle Size
30005 < 2.0 mm 1 × 0.5 ml
30010 < 2.0 mm 1 × 1.0 ml
30020 < 2.0 mm 1 × 2.0 ml
30040 < 2.0 mm 1 × 4.0 ml
maxgraft® cortico-cancellous granules
Art.-No. Particle Size Content
31005 < 2.0 mm 1 × 0.5 ml
31010 < 2.0 mm 1 × 1.0 ml
31020 < 2.0 mm 1 × 2.0 ml
31040 < 2.0 mm 1 × 4.0 ml
maxgraft® blocks
Art.-No. Dimension
31111 10 x 10 x 10 mm, uni-cortical 1 × block
31112 20 x 10 x 10 mm, uni-cortical 1 × block
32111 10 x 10 x 10 mm, cancellous 1 × block
32112 20 x 10 x 10 mm, cancellous 1 × block